Marketing Real Estate to Nudist Buyers

When people are looking for a new home the number of choices on the market can be almost overwhelming. Advertisements for homes can be found in the newspaper, in realtor magazines, on billboards, on signs, and online. Online exposure is perhaps the best way to advertise a home to a niche market such as the nudist or clothing optional community. This community typically has difficulty locating properties that fit their lifestyles and because of this may have to look at homes all over the country.

It would not be cost effective for these buyers to travel to each individual location and look at the print advertisements or to drive around looking for signs. Indeed, even calling local realtors for listings can be problematic because a location that sounds good over the phone may be lacking the qualities the buyers are looking for. Instead of trusting a stranger for a description they will be looking for information on their new home online. Sometimes realtors will email individual pictures of homes. However, these emails usually will include more than one home and can become confusing to the buyer.

When marketing real estate to the nude and clothing optional niche realtors need to think outside the box. A company that wants to provide the best service for this niche will need to make their listings comprehensive and user friendly. One way to accomplish both of these tasks is to create a website that features a complete virtual tour of the properties and surrounding locations. This can be done in a number of ways.

The first is possibly the easiest and requires the least amount of technology. A panoramic photo presentation will allow buyers to experience their potential purchase from hundreds or thousands of miles away. The most efficient way to accomplish this is to stand in the center of each room and take pictures while turning in a circle, including pictures of the floor and ceiling. Those pictures can then be edited together to show interested buyers what the individual rooms look like. This same technique can be used for the exterior of the property and for any nearby features that make the neighborhood suitable for the nudist or clothing optional buyer.